Read to Your Kids

As a parent, your obligation to your kids does not end in providing them the basic things they need such as food, a shelter, clothing, education, etc. Your kids need more than those things and that is your time. You must make your children feel that you are always with them. They need your attention and you can fulfill that need by reading some children’s book to them, like before they go to bed.

Every parent knows that reading to kids is a great thing but, do you know the specific advantages that your preschool-aged children or toddlers can get by being exposed to the qualities of reading? Here are some of the stunning advantages that emphasize the value of reading to your children between the ages of 2 and 5:


  • Better and stronger relationship between a parent and his or her children. Your children always need you…your presence. By reading to them the most lovable children’s books of today, you are having a good time with them. It becomes a nurturing activity which would bring you close to your kids.
  • Academic excellence – spending time to read some children’s books to your sons and daughters will help in developing the interests of your kids to learn. Kids who don’t struggle to put together all the words as well as the sentences are expected to be fast learners when they start entering the elementary school.
  • Primary speech skills – during the stages of being toddlers and preschoolers, children learn both critical language & enunciation skills. It’s another big reason why you should read to them.
  • The fundamentals of how to read a book – children are not born with the innate knowledge that text should be read from left going to right and they are not aware that the words of a certain page are not part of the images. Significant pre-reading skills such as this are one of the biggest advantages brought by early reading.
  • Improved communication skills – when spending time to read to your children, they will be much more able to show themselves & relate to their friends in the healthy and efficient way. Through witnessing the communication between those characters of the story you read, and the contact with the parent (you), during the story-telling time, your children will gain some important communication skills.
  • Logical thinking skills – another benefit that your kids will get when you read to them is the help to develop their logical thinking skills. Another way to illustrate the value of reading to kids is their capability of grasping abstract concepts, identify the cause and the effect, apply logic in different situations and make use of good judgment. While your kids start to relate the scenes in books to the happenings in the real world, they will turn to be more excited to hear those other stories you will read to them.

Books do have the extreme ability to benefit both preschoolers and toddler in so many ways. As a parent, you should realize that reading to your child is among the most crucial things that you could do to make your kids ready for schooling.

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