I would like to introduce you to our

Kids' Kreation Compendium Series

from Kid’s Book Pub and Children Writing Children’s Books.

Our Kids’ Kreation Compendium is a compilation of Stories written by children for children following a specific subject.

…which means it is a bunch of stories written by a whole lot of children for us all to enjoy.

The first of the series will be published in November. This will be a compendium of Summer Adventure stories.

Now these stories can be fictitious or a child’s narrative of their summer activities. Either way, it must be written by a child.

We have 3 age groups:

  • 5 yr-old and under (where the parent will have to transcribe the story. Please do not edit or manipulate the story)
  • 6-12 yr-old
  • 13-18 yr-old.

The book will be divided into those age grouped sections.


  • Written BY a child
  • Family appropriate
  • One submission per child
  • 250 to 1000 words
  • Must be submitted by October 15th 2016

The top stories will be chosen and included in this year’s Summer Adventure Compilation of Kids’ Kreation Comendium.

Illustrations are loved, admired and ENCOURAGED!! So include those as well. You may attach them to your submission.

You may submit those to

Now go, Create and let those imaginations go wild.

Click the PDF Below for more details

KidsKreationCompendium PDF

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