Hidden Benefits of Reading to Your Kids

With the modern technologies now brought to man, more and more families are experiencing the “stranger effect”. This is because parents and their children seem to neglect the essence of having quality time together. Children get hooked with playing computer games while parents seem to get “blessed” because they can do more work and earn more money. This is why it is imperative that families should take the first step today in enhancing the relationship within their homes before it gets too late.

Start developing in children the true and basic essence of a family while they are still young. And this can be done by doing activities together and taking advantage of every opportunity to be together. And one of the most ideal ways in integrating the values that parents would want to impart to their kids is through reading to them. What’s more? Reading to your child holds more benefits that you may not seem to be aware of and some of them are as follows.

  • The most beneficial effect of reading to your child is securing bonding time. Children need assurance that their parents care and are with them. And reading to them especially before or during bedtime lets them feel safe and secured. Moreover, whether parents admit it or not, they get to enjoy reading and having quiet and intimate moments with their kids. Reading to a child does not only benefit the kid but provides relief to parents as well. No matter how tired a mother of father is from work, nothing can be compared to the rewards parents receive to see their kids’ smiles and pure love and adoration.
  • Children who experience being read by parents are found to have better cognitive development as compared to those lacking the experience. Researchers believe that this is due to the fact that children’s minds are being stimulated during the reading session. They may not like the habit of reading to and by themselves but when a parent does it for them, children find reading as an exciting activity, thus, opening avenues of learning inside the child’s brain. Also, when parents show enthusiasm in reading, children’s imagination get wider and more enhanced, giving them the ability to develop their thinking skills.
  • Since children being read to have more advanced thinking abilities, they are likely better performers in schools. Indeed, findings show that children with family reading time can read faster and develop good vocabulary. Hence, they understand lessons well and gain more interests in their studies.
  • Children are said to be the greatest imitators. This is why children who are exposed to a good and well cared reading environment by their parents have greater motivations to learn to read and develop a genuine love for it, too. Children tend to imitate how their parents can read, a good sign towards good reading habits.
  • Along with the good effects of reading to your children is that, you are also a factor in building within your child the self esteem that he needs. With confidence in himself, children tend to be more active and sociable which enhances his communication skills.

There are many positive things that reading to your children brings. But the best of all is the love that parents and children develop with one another because of their shared time and experience.

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