You don’t want to lose your rights. It’s your story, why should others fortune from it? It is one thing to helpducharme-and-family-11-of-63 people and for them to benefit from your story (lessons learned, dealing with struggles, enjoying life and celebrating achievements), but to lose your voice as the creator and owner…that’s another thing. You are NOT willing to lose your say.

I get it. I wasn’t either.

I self-published my first book in 2012, for that reason. Well, that and I didn’t have thousands to invest.

It was a feat, an accomplishment, I was excited to have made. However, I was determined to learn more about publishing. I had a brief term as a publishing account executive in 2004-2005 and I loved it! I knew this was what I wanted to do, but I needed to perfect my skills so each book I created would make me proud.

A few years later, I noticed others struggle with trying to find a publisher for their own books. Their books were worthy of being published, but neither option they thought they had was feasible. Option 1: Give up 90% of their rights (even those to write the next of the series) and the majority of the earnings. Option 2: Spend $17K to get their book published and printed.Then, figure out a way to market it WITHOUT the help of the expensive publishing firm they hired to print it.

Neither gave them what they deserved – to publish the book, keep 100% of the rights and make a decent percentage off it. Cue Option 3..Self-Publishing.

Your Book, Your Story, Your Rights, Your Money.

Publishing Our Children’s Stories was born.

We are a self-publisher’s publisher. The answer to your problems.

I am Jesse Butler and it is my passion to produce and catapult your book to bestseller rankings. After 4 years of learning and publishing books, I started Publishing Our Children’s Stories to help you tell your story without the added stress of time or money it would have taken to perfect your own skills as a publisher.

Together we determine what services will best work to meet your goals. Email me for a FREE consultation at or call (four-zero-six) 231-one-six-eight-seven.

Jesse is a published author, lucky wife and blessed mother of two. She wrote her first book (yet to be published) when she was in 4th grade. Her mom encouraged her to continue to write for children. Years later, she continued to pursue children book creation with Win or Lose, written and published several of her own books through Publishing Our Children’s Stories and continues to help others publish their stories.


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